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22 - 33 kV Cable Spacer

The cable spacer is made oftrack-resistant high-density polyethylenewhich suitable for using in thetropical climate area.

The cable spacer is furnishedwith three snap ties, other ties or accessoriesfor securing cables.

The snap ties is made of ultravioletresistant polyurethane materialor better which suitable for exposureto sunlight.

The cable spacer have successfullypassed the tests in accordancewith the applicable standards,as follows :

- Ultimate mechanical-strength test

- Low-frequency withstand voltage dry

- Low-frequency withstand voltage wet

- Low-frequency flashover voltage dry

- Low-frequency flashover voltage wet

- Critical dry impulse flashover voltage,Positive and Negative

The snap ties have successfullypassed test as follow :

- hardness

- density

- tensile strength

- tear strength

- elongation at break

- compression set

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