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22-33kV, 69kV, 115kV, 230kV Shunt Capacitor Bank


Shunt capacitor bank are normally connected inparallel to the transformer or load and installationwith the object or power factor improvement,increasing the voltage and reducing theloss on power system. Primary when capacitorbank is energized in circuit, They will supply thelagging, kilovar to the point of their connectionand reduces the reactive component in the line.This turn decrease the kVA loading on thesource resulting in a reduce of power equipmentloading and thereby make capacity available foraddition load growth. i.e. power supply networkis more effectively, reliable and eliminate investmentin feeder, substation , sub-transmissionline and generating units.


The capacitor banks including all associatedequipments of current limiting reactor, instrumenttransformer and switching device are connected.Arranged, mounted on separate skidbase shown in Layout (Top View) and furthermorethe SF6 gas circuit-breaker suitable forcontrolled switching.


• Reduction of penalty for low power factor

• Improve Voltage Stability

• Increased Transmission Capability

• Increased Transformer Capability

• Suitable both for Utility and Industrial Networks

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